At Doctor's CarbRite Diet, we take great pride in making healthier sugar-free products. All of our Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars contain no artificial sweeteners, trans fats, or preservatives and are lab-certified gluten free. Best of all, they are consistently rated #1 in taste! Just read what people have to say!


What's The Skinny On Fat?
The Fantastic Functions of Protein
Sugars: A Sticky Subject
What's Up With The Good Ol' Carbohydrate?
All You Need Is a Plan
Sticking to your diet is the hardest obstacle of all.
Doctor's CarbRite Diet Adds New Flavor to Their Line of Sugar Free Diet Bars
Try the New Chocolate Caramel Nut!
Trans Fat 101
"Tasty, maybe. But very harmful."
Gluten 101
"It's in a lot of the foods we eat."
Special Bar Sampler Promo
"Try our bars at a great price."


Chocolate Caramel Nut Bar
Great new flavor now available



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