All You Need Is a Plan
Compliance. Sticking to your diet. That's the hardest obstacle of all. You've tried dieting before, with little success. We've all been there. For some reason or another, you just can't stick with it.

Here's a typical problem; maybe you're familiar with it. You need to work through lunch. Your solution? You grab a bag of chips and a soda. Or how about this one: You need to pick up the kids at soccer, ballet, or karate. On the way home, you hit the drive-thru. This one is pretty common too: You've just come home, but you're too tired to cook. So you are a large pizza… with all the toppings.

We know the problem. We've heard it before. It's your hectic lifestyle that prevents you from eating healthy. Right? Wrong! Yes, you might have a very hectic, on-the-go lifestyle, and it may be easier to just order take-out, but eating healthy can be easy too. All your need is a plan.

Here are some helpful hints for planning to eat healthier:

Tip #1: Prepare healthy meals in large quantities. Divide up the meal into individual serving sizes, putting each serving into one of those take-anywhere plastic containers, pop them into the freezer, and voila: instant meals! Take them out as you need them and just toss them in the microwave. There you have it: a healthful mean in just seconds. Plus, no dishes to clean!

Tip #2: Hard boil a half a dozen to a dozen eggs at one time and keep them in the fridge. Hard-boiled eggs make a perfect carb-free, filling snack any time of the day.

Tip #3: Make lunch at night. Yes, that's right, prepare the next day's meals the night before. It'll save you time in the morning, money, and extra calories. Why go out for junk food or fast foods on your lunch break when you can eat, healthy prepared lunches?

Tip #4: Grill a whole chicken at one time. Cut it up and keep pieces in the fridge. Chicken is a great high protein source and can easily complete any meal. Throw some on top of greens for a tasty salad. Or fill a whole wheat wrap with shredded chicken, cheese, and veggies. Try mixing it with a little mayo and chopped celery or relish for a chicken salad. Chicken can be used to make a variety of quick, easy, healthy meals.

It just takes a little planning to get into the groove of fitting healthy eating into your busy schedule. And low carb doesn't have to mean low in taste. One last tip… Keep a few Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars in your bag or at your desk for a delicious snack or as a meal replacement!