What's Up With The Good Ol' Carbohydrate?
Understanding Simple vs. Complex and High Fiber vs. Low Fiber

The carb has been given a bad rap in the past couple of years; however, carbohydrates play a very important role in the functioning of your cells. As one if the #1 sources of energy, your body converts carbs into fuel. This is why eating a moderate amount of carbs is necessary for most people.

OK. So your body's primary source of energy is carbs, which are stores in the body as glycogen. However, if you were to limit your carb intake and lower your glycogen levels, your body would need to tap into an alternate source of energy. Bodyfat. When this happens, the fat burning process begins!

Now pay attention; this is where things start to get tricky. Carbohydrates come in two commonly known forms: simple and complex. Simple carbs, like sugar, are quickly and easily digested by our bodies. They are usually sweet in taste and hide in many of our favorite snacks, including soda, candy and desserts. Eating a lot of foods rich in sugars explains why many of us dash to the vending machine late in the day for a quick pick me up.

Because sugar-rich foods are quickly absorbed, they have an instant impact on insulin levels. As quickly as insulin levels rise, they fall. This crash causes use to feel sluggish. It also makes us hungry again for more sweets. All this creates a vicious, never-ending cycle. Plus, sugar-filled foods add little to our diets other than empty calories. Why add needless calories to our diets when we don't have too, especially when these calories just add more padding to our bodies?

Now on to complex carbs. As the name suggests, they are a bit more complex and are divided into two groups: high fiber and low fiber. Consider high fiber carbs as our friends. They include most veggies and are the healthiest choices. These carbs have no impact on blood sugar and therefore need not be included when “counting carbs”.

Low fiber carbs, well, that's another story. These are the carbs (along with the refined sugars) you much limit in order to lose or maintain a safe and healthy weight. Low fiber carbs include such favorites as breads, pastas, rice and potatoes, and a few fruits and vegetables, such as bananas and squash.

We know it's not going to be easy starting a new diet. Just remember the importance of discipline and moderation. Also remember that everything in the Doctor's CarbRite Diet line was developed to make your low carb lifestyle easier.